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Digital Book
Historic Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System

MRS212 Part of our Resources for the Rideau series, this digital book is a reprint of part of* Parks Canada's Manuscript Report 212, "Historic Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System" by Robert W. Passfield, 1976.

This report locates and identifies bridges of historic interest on the Rideau waterways system. The historic bridges are grouped according to their general type (moveable or fixed) and their material(s) of construction. A history and description of each of these structures is given along with a brief history of the bridge site.

In 1976, there were 59 bridges on the Rideau - 6 railway bridges: 5 fixed high levels, and 1 bascule; 36 road bridges: 19 fixed high levels, 1 vertical lift, 1 bascule, and 15 swing bridges. In addition, there were 17 bridges at lock stations which spanned either the river or the waste weir channel.

Of these 59 bridges, 26 are briefly described in this 129 page report.

This digital book will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about some of the bridges that were built on the Rideau Canal. The document is heavily cited and endnoted, the sources (mostly Library and Archives Canada) clearly detailed. It also contain many photos of the bridges.

This digital book is fully searchable text (not page scans) that duplicates the original manuscript report. It is provided on a CD-ROM, in PDF format, easily read by the free Adobe PDF Reader. Most computers already have a PDF reader installed, but if not, you can easily obtain the reader from the Adobe website.

Read the Abstract and Table of Contents of the book

* NOTE: This is only a portion of Manuscript Report 212. Two separate sections that did not deal with the Rideau Canal were omitted: The St. Peter’s Canal Swing Bridge (1976) and The Upper Dorchester Covered Bridge, Westmorland County, New Brunswick (1977) both by Robert W. Passfield

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