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The following is the Abstract and Table of Contents from Rideau Canal: 1832-1914, Manuscript Report 177 by Judith Tulloch, Parks Canada, 1975. Republished by Friends of the Rideau as digital book DB-MR177, 2009:


This study includes a narrative description of the administrative development of the waterway from its completion in 1832 until 1914.

As the region bordering the system became more settled during the 19th century, new issues arose to trouble canal officials. The two most prominent of these - the problem of ensuring adequate water reserves and local demands for branch canals connecting with the Rideau - merit more detailed consideration and form separate chapters.

Alterations in the physical structure of the waterway have been treated in chronological fashion with each station discussed individually.

Conditions of employment for the operating staff - lockmasters and labourers - also changed over the course of the 19th century, particularly after Confederation as the workers on the waterway were gradually integrated into the federal civil services. The chapter on employment on the Rideau considers such topics as the appointment of lockmasters and labourers, problems of insufficient pay, and conditions of life at the lock stations.

Until 1903, tolls were charged on both ships and cargoes passing through the system. The commercial history of the waterway and its financial problems represent a complex issue which merits detailed study. The report therefore contains merely an appendix giving a brief summary of changes in the scales of tolls and indicating areas for future research.


4       Abstract
5       Introduction
7       The Early Years, 1832-67
17     The Rideau in the New Dominion
25     Problems and Conflicts
38     New Directions for the Waterway
45     Reservoir Dams in the Watershed
51     Proposed Branch Canals
59     Structural Changes, 1832-1914
59         Ottawa - First Eight Locks
63         Hartwell
64         Hogsback
69         Black Rapids
71         Long Island
76         Burritts Rapids
77         Nicholsons
77         Clowes
79         Merrickville
81         Kilmarnock (Maitlands Rapids)
82         Edmunds
83         Old Sly
83         Smiths Falls
86         Poonamalie (First Rapids)
88         The Narrows
88         Newboro (The Isthmus)
90         Chaffeys
90         Davis (Fosters Lock)
91         Jones Falls
92         Brewers Mills (Brewers Upper Mills)
93         Washburn (Brewers Lower Mills)
95         Kingston Mills
98         Tay Branch
99      Employment on the Rideau, 1832-1914
120    Appendix A. Lockmasters, 1832-1914
130    Appendix B. Buildings
153    Appendix C. Rideau Canal Tolls
169    Endnotes
215    Bibliography

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