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The following is the Abstract and Table of Contents from Commercial Navigation on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961, Manuscript Report 247 by Edward Forbes Bush, Parks Canada, 1981. Republished by Friends of the Rideau as digital book DB-MR247, 2013:


This paper is in three parts. The first deals with the evolution of the various types of vessel used on the Rideau Canal during the period when it served as a commercial route. The second treats the waterway - its operation, facilities, and regulations. The concluding section describes the forwarding trade in the context of the economic conditions pertaining at different periods, the traffic patterns developed, and the volume of various commodities carried where comprehensive statistical data is available. Data on individual vessels known to have been in the Rideau service is found in Appendix A, followed by various appendices of statistics used in the text.


5   Abstract
6   Acknowledgements
7   Opening of the Rideau Canal
8   The Origins of Steam Navigation
8     Early Steam Engines: Britain, France, America
11     The Boiler
12     The Screw Propeller

14   Evolution of the Steamboat on Inland Waters
14     American and British Forerunners
16     The Apogee of the American River Steamer
17     Canal Boats: American and British

20   The Rideau Steamboat and Barge
20     Steam on Canada's Inland Waters
21     Early Commercial Navigation on the Rideau
23     Steamers and Barges: 1832-1850
25     The Rideau Steamer and the Barge: 1850-90
26       The Olive
27       Freight Boats
28       Barges
33       The Tug
37       The Passenger Boat
39     The Last Years: 1890-1935
39       The Passenger Excursion Steamer
46       The Small Dual-Purpose Steamer
48       Government Patrol Vessels
51       The Dredge
52       Pleasure Craft
55     Steamboat Fuel
56     Registration and Inspection
56       Registration of Vessels
57       Steamboat Inspection
61     Steamer Crews on Inland Waters
62     Shipyards and Engine Works
66     The Rideau Steamer

68   The Rideau Canal: Commercial Waterway
68     A Navigable Waterway
74     Canal Regulations
77       Sunday Observance
79       Wintering
80       Dry Dock
81       Wharves and Warehouses
87       Lighting
87     Dock Facilities outside Ottawa

92   The Rideau Carrying Trade
92     The Early Years: 1832-50
95       Robert Drummond et al., Pioneer Forwarders
100       The Ottawa Rideau Forwarding Company
107       Macpherson and Crane, Forwarders
112       Hooker and Henderson, Forwarders
114       Other Forwarders
114       The Rideau at Mid-Century
115     The Middle Years: 1850-90
116       The Lumber Trade
117       The Mining Industry
118       The Coal Trade
119       Wheat, Flour and the Cheese Trade
120       The Passenger Trade
121       Canadian Canals and the Rideau
122       M.K. Dickinson, Forwarder
124       Benjamin Tett and the Chaffeys
129       Adam Foster, Forwarder
131       Montreal and Ottawa Forwarding Company
131       Other Rideau Forwarders
132       The Mid-Period in Retrospect
132     The Late Period: 1890-ca. 1961
133       The Lumber Trade
133       Ores and Minerals
134       Grain and Agricultural Produce
134       The Coal Trade
134       The Cheese Trade
135       Merchandise and Manufactured Goods
136       The Passenger Service
137       The Rideau Canal in Context
139       Nationality: Steam vs. Sail
139       Ottawa Forwarding and Transportation Company
141       The Rideau Lakes Navigation Company
148       Captain G.A. Davis, Forwarder
158   Epilogue: Summer’s Idyll

162   Appendix A. Rideau Canal Vessels
236   Appendix B. Rideau Canal: Number of Vessels, Vessel Tonnage, Number of Passengers, Freight Tonnage, Tolls, 1832-1970.
240   Appendix C. Rideau Canal: Principal Articles of Freight Carried, 1888-1961.
242   Appendix D. Rideau Canal: Classified Freight Tonnage, 1873-1921.
244   Appendix E. Rideau Canal Vessels: Builders
246   Appendix F. Rideau Canal Vessels: Engine Works
247   Appendix G. Agnes P., Engines and Boiler details
248   Appendix H. Rideau Canal: Commercial and Pleasure Craft, 1936-54.
249   Appendix I. Wharves and Warehouses: Kingston to Ottawa [1850-90].
250   Endnotes
270   Bibliography

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