Friends of the Rideau
Hartwells Locks

photo by: Ken W. Watson, 1999

The lockstation at Hartwells shows the wonderful contrast of old and new that characterizes the Rideau. The 19th century hand winches (crabs) are in stark contrast to the modern skyline of Ottawa. The canal in Ottawa has bicycle paths along it and is a popular spot for a stroll. In winter it becomes the world's longest skating rink and in spring it is lined in several spots with thousands of tulips.

It was the building of the canal that founded Ottawa (originally called Bytown after the city's founder, Colonel John By). The canal today provides Ottawa with the most beautiful and unique feature of any Canadian city. The northern end of the canal culminates with the magnificent stairway of 8 locks that take the canal down to the Ottawa River.

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photo © Ken W. Watson