Friends of the Rideau
Hogs Back Falls

photo by: Ken W. Watson, 1999

The falls at Hogs Back mark where the original channel of the Rideau River diverts from the manmade channel of the Rideau Canal. From here, the water of the Rideau flows over the falls and along the original channel to the final drop into the Ottawa River. The Hogs Back lockstation, just a few metres from these falls, marks the start of the tranquil artifical channel of the Rideau as it winds its way through Ottawa.

In spring, there is a thunderous cascade of water pouring over these rocks. Above these falls is the dam and weir that maintains navigation depth on the upstream side. Today's urban look of the area belies the tremendous difficulties Colonel By had in contructing a dam across the Rideau in this spot.

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photo © Ken W. Watson