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The Rideau Corridor offers adventure
to travellers of all ages and interests

  • You can drive the Rideau, with dozens of sideroads leading to interesting views and quaint villages. The lockstations, all of which have parking areas, make wonderful picnic spots.
  • You can walk the Rideau, the Rideau Trail extends from Kingston all the way to Ottawa.
  • You can cycle the Rideau, following the many backroads from Kingston to Ottawa
  • You can snowmobile the Rideau, following established snowmobile trails.
  • You can ski the Rideau, the Cataraqui Trail and several sections of the Rideau Trail are open to cross country skiing.
  • You can skate the Rideau, which in Ottawa becomes the world's longest skating rink.
  • You can golf the Rideau. There are as many golf courses in the region as there are canal lockstations.
  • And lastly, but certainly not leastly, you can boat the Rideau.

Davis Lock
Boat leaving Davis Lock
By boat - you have access to the 202 kilometers of the Rideau Waterway, with over 1,000 kilometres of shoreline - for cruising, fishing, sightseeing, relaxing, and just plain enjoying yourself. It's safe, inexpensive, and will provide a lifetime of happy memories. The series of canal cuts, embankments, dams, and 45 locks link Lake Ontario at Kingston to the Ottawa River at Ottawa. The Rideau Corridor, with its wetlands and miles of undeveloped shoreline, contributes to the natural beauty of Eastern Ontario, benefits recreational and cultural tourism, and helps in preserving a healthy environment.

Marinas along the Rideau Corridor provide mooring, fuel, supplies, sewage, etc. All the lockstations have space for boaters to tie-up overnight. For motorists and boaters alike, there is lots of parking at most lockstations, with picnic facilities and washrooms. Get out, wander around, talk to the friendly lock staff, and watch the world go by. Feel free to contact the Friends of the Rideau for assistance in obtaining directories and other information.

The heart of the Rideau Corridor is the stretch from Newboro to Jones Falls. Chaffey's Lock has been a favourite of bass fishermen since the 1880s. Davis Lock, serene and secluded, leads to the huge horseshoe dam at Jones Falls. Below the locks is the old Hotel Kenney, a hideaway for US presidents and business leaders. Farther down, the serene waters of the Cranberry Lakes are all that remain of the infamous, malaria-ridden bogs drowned by Colonel By.

Farm on Highway 15
Farm with stone farmhouse on Highway 15
The Rideau can be enjoyed by road, following the Rideau Heritage Route. From Kingston, head north along Highway 15. From Ottawa head south along old Highway 16. The route passes through or near the various interesting communities along the Rideau. Plan to take many side trips. Visit the locks, have lunch at a conservation area picnic spot, go antiquing, visit one or more of the many shops selling local arts and crafts, get some fresh curd from a local cheese factory, sample a taste of Rideau maple syrup, take in a local fair or festival.

Although the corridor is only 200 kilometres long, the many backroads make for hundreds of kilometres of interesting side trips to explore. Stay at a local inn, campground or B&B and plan to spend a few days to explore some of what the Rideau has to offer. It will whet your appetite to return again and again and again.

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