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STOP WASH - Page 5

Preventing Wake Damage
Only you are responsible for your actions. You are also responsible for keeping our waters healthy and for not causing harm to people or their property. Before reading the next few pages, get your family together and try to imagine things you all can do to reduce boat wake, increase boater safety and improve the quality of the shorelines. You don't have to have a boat or own a cottage to reduce wake and wash damage.

Here are some tips to get you started; make sure the captain of the boat follows them.

  • Learn at what speed your boat produces the least wake.
    For some boats, the slowest speed is not always the least damaging. The design of the boat's hull is very important to the amount of wake produced.

  • Go "dead slow" when close to shore, in busy areas and along narrow channels.
    Reduce your speed in the spring of the year when waterfowl are nesting in the shoreline habitat.

  • Take extra caution when you are approaching other traffic on the water and when you see the "Watch Your Wake" sign.

  • Obey all posted speed limits.

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