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STOP WASH - Page 6

How you can determine at what speed the boat produces the least Wake and Wash? Note: A minimum of three people are needed for this activity.

Have two people in the boat. The driver will observe the speed the boat is travelling; the second person will watch the Wake and Wash the boat is producing. The third person will stand on the shore and observe the height of the wash that is actually reaching the shoreline. This person will also observe the eroding effect that is created when the wash reaches the shore. The person on the shore will also note if any damage occurring as a result of the wash hitting the shore and if there is a large disturbance (i.e., uprooting of aquatic plants) at the bottom of the shallow waters located near the shore.

Compare notes and make the proper adjustments to the speed of the boat required to reduce Wake and Wash damage. These steps may have to be repeated several times until the wash is reduced to the level of its least damaging effect. One other step that may be taken is to mark on the throttle where your boat produces the least wake.

Boaters are advised that "Watch Your Wake" zones are now posted AND enforced along various sections of the Rideau Canal.

Environmentally-friendly tips to reduce shoreline erosion:
Even if we all do our part in reducing wave action, some natural wave action can't be stopped. To correct this, the shoreline that best withstands wave action is a natural shoreline.

A large number of environmental organizations and cottagers associations are practising "shoreline softening". Shoreline softening is letting the natural plants grow wild, or what we like to call "no sweat" gardening. These actions don't prevent shoreline erosion from occurring, but they do slow down the process.

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