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STOP WASH - Page 10


  • Buffer Zone is the section of land between the open water and the upland human landscape. Experience has taught us that tletting natural plants grow in this section improves water quality.
  • Ecosystem is the interaction of the plants and animals (including humans) within the non-living environment. The air you breath, the fish you eat and the soils you grow crops in are all part of the ecosystem. Everything in connected to everything else.
  • Shoreline Erosion is the wearing away of land by water.
  • Shoreline Hardening is the clearing of the natural vegetation along the shore and into the water and putting in things like concrete docks and walls right next to the water's edge. Cutting the grass right to the water's edge is another way of hardening the shoreline. Water becomes dirty and both natural plants and animal communities are destroyed. This causes a dramatic loss of habitat.
  • Shoreline Softening is letting the natural plants grow wild, or planting some that can survive near the water. This is the hands-off experience or "no sweat" gardening.
  • Wake is the track left by a boat passing through the water. This is the white stream directly behind the boat and the white bubbles beginner skiers usually ski in.
  • Wash are the waves created from the wake. These waves are also created when the hull of the boat forces its way through the water.
  • Waves are created when you force something, like a boat, through the water. The surface water piles up beside the boat. The pile spills sideways and creates what we call a "wave". Waves are also created naturally by things like wind.

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