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Talking Up the Rideau The audio files linked below are from Talking Up The Rideau, an audio car tour of the Rideau Canal created by Gordon Cullingham and Janet Irwin and narrated by Patrick Watson.

Produced in 1982, it is dated in spots, but it still provides some very interesting information about each lockstation. It is worth a listen.

Originally released on compact cassette, these audio tours have been digitized by Stuart Fraser and are used here with the kind permission of Janet Irwin.

NOTE: The total size of the 56 audio files is 80 Mb. Accordingly they have been split into 8 sections to minimize the amount of data at a time. For those with lots of data/bandwidth, they have also been presented on a single page. Your choice.


  1. Ottawa to Black Rapids (Ottawa, Hartwells, Hogs Back, Black Rapids)

  2. Black Rapids to Kemptville (Long Island, Kemptville )

  3. Kemptville to Merrickville (Burritts Rapids, Nicholsons, Clowes)

  4. Merrickville to Old Slys (Merrickville, Kilmarnock, Edmunds)

  5. Old Slys to Narrows (Old Slys, Smiths Falls, Poonamalie, Beveridges, Perth)

  6. Narrows to Chaffeys (Narrows, Newboro, Westport)

  7. Chaffeys to Jones Falls (Chaffeys, Davis, Jones Falls)

  8. Jones Falls to Kingston (Upper & Lower Brewers, Kingston Mills, Kingston)

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