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These are short videos of each lockstation on the Rideau Canal created using a series of still photos. It's just a taste of the Rideau - an idea of what you might see when you travel these sections.

The videos are geographically ordered south to north - see the listing below. The videos are hosted on YouTube, so you can use all the YouTube functions to change resolution, audio volume, etc.

bbCity of Kingston to Kingston Mills (3 minutes)

bbKingston Mills Lockstation to Lower Brewers (4 minutes)

bbLower Brewers Lockstation to Upper Brewers (4.5 minutes)

bbUpper Brewers Lockstation to Jones Falls (6 minutes)

bbJones Falls Lockstation to Davis Lock (6 minutes)

bbDavis Lockstation to Chaffeys Lock (6 minutes)

bbChaffeys Lockstation to Newboro Lock (6 minutes)

bbNewboro Lockstation to Narrows Lock (6 minutes)

bbNarrows Lockstation to Poonamalie (6.5 minutes)

bbTay Canal: Beveridges Lockstation to Perth (6 minutes)

bbPoonamalie Lockstation to Smiths Falls Detached (4 minutes)

bbSmiths Falls to Edmunds Lock (4 minutes)

bbEdmunds and Kilmarnock locks to Merrickville (5 minutes)

bbMerrickville Lockstation to Clowes (5 minutes)

bbClowes & Nicholsons to Burritts Rapids (5 minutes)

bbBurritts Rapids to Long Island (6 minutes)

bbLong Island Lockstation to Hogs Back (5 minutes)

bbHogs Back Lockstation to Ottawa Locks (6 minutes)

bbOttawa Lockstation (4 minutes)

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