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The following is the Abstract and Table of Contents from Historic Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System, A Preliminary Report, Part of Manuscript Report 212 by Robert W. Passfield, Parks Canada, 1976. Republished by Friends of the Rideau as digital book DB-MR212, 2009:


This report locates and identifies bridges of historic interest on the Rideau waterways system. The historic bridges are grouped according to their general type (moveable or fixed) and their material(s) of construction. A history and description of each of these structures is given along with a brief history of the bridge site.


1        Historic Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System
1        Introduction
2          Timber Swing Bridges
4          Combination Timber Swing and Fixed Steel Bridge: Brass Point
5          Vertical Lift Bridge: Pretoria Avenue, Ottawa
6          Steel Through Truss Swing Bridges
7          Burritts Rapids
8          Long Island
9          Narrows
10        Drummond and Beckwith Street Bridges, Perth
12      Fixed Timber Bridges
13        Jones Falls Bridge
13        Upper Brewers Mills
14      Reinforced Concrete High Level Bridges
14        The Plaza Bridge, Ottawa
16        Bank Street Bridge, Ottawa
17      Bascule Bridge: Kingston
18      Through Plate Girder Swing Bridges
19      Other Fixed Bridges
20        Laurier Bridge, Ottawa
22        Confederation Drive Waste Weir Channel Bridge, Smiths Falls
23        Burritts Rapids Fixed Bridge
23        Nicholsons Fixed Bridge
24      Railway Bridge: Canadian National Railways Bascule Bridge
24      Conclusion
26      Appendix A. List of Historic Bridges on the Rideau Waterways System
30      Appendix B. Explanation of Technical Terms used
38      Endnotes
47      References Cited
52      Illustrations

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