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Jones Falls, Davis, Chaffeys and Newboro

This is one of five sets of photo video tours of Rideau Tours.

Click on the start arrow in the middle of any of the videos to start it playing.

Jones Falls Lockstation

This video goes from the locks at Jones Falls, through Sand Lake to Davis Lock. Sights at the Jones Falls Lockstation include the Great Stone Arch Dam, the Blacksmith's Shop and Sweeney house. Sand Lake in this video features loons and kayaking with dogs.
Davis Lockstation

This video goes from the lock Davis through Opinion Lake to Chaffeys Lock. Davis features an all season view of the lock and Opinicon Lake in this video features ospreys, ducks and turtles.
Chaffeys Lockstation

This video goes from Chaffeys Lockstation through Indian, Clear and Newboro lakes before arriving at Newboro Lock. Sights at Chaffeys include a locking through, the swing bridge, the old Chaffey's Mill, and the Lockmaster's House Museum. The lakes include loons, water lilys, frogs and a side trip to Bedford Mills.
Newboro Lockstation

This goes from Newboro Lockstation through Upper Rideau Lake to Narrows Lock. Newboro features the locking through of the Kawartha Voyageur and the Newboro Blockhouse. Upper Rideau Lake features Westport and the Foley Mountain Conservation Area beach. Wildlife includes ospreys, a heron and a mink.

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