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The following are sources of information about the Rideau Canal.

bbFriends of the Rideau - Brochures and Guides
Our very own page with various information including the Parks Canada's Guidelines for Docks on the Rideau and Shoreline Stabilization on the Rideau.

bbParks Canada: Rideau Canal Water Management InfoNet
Includes information about water management of the Rideau Canal, including current water levels.

bbParks Canada History eLibrary
A independent site (not affiliated with Parks Canada) with many scanned Parks Canada documents including several manuscript reports. You can find their Rideau Canal collection here.

bbOntario Ministry of the Environment - General Interest Publications
Includes documents in both webpage and PDF format dealing with topics such as water wells, air quality, water conservation, eating fish guide, and other titles of interest.

bbOntario Governments Publications on the Web
Full listing of publications offered by the Ontario Government through ministry web sites.

bbOntario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Online brochures include "Septic Smart" an excellent guide to Septic systems, Wildlife Wise, Groundwater Info, Well Testing and more.

bbLandOwner Resource Centre
The excellent "Extension Note" series of fact sheets - all available for viewing on-line. Includes titles such as Protecting Fish Habitat, Restoring Shorelines with Willows, Building Nesting Platforms for Ospreys, Caring for Trees, and many, many more.

bbCentre For Sustainable Watersheds
Helping shoreline owners enhance and protect the health of their lakes and rivers.

bbEnvironment Canada's Freshwater Publications Listing
Many on-line fact sheets such as Groundwater - Natures Hidden Treasure, Water Conservation - Every Drop Counts, Clean Water - Life Depends on it, and more.

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